Monday, January 10, 2011

What a week!! Week #6 Update!!!

We worked our tails off this weekend! Biff and I laid floor for about 24 hours this weekend!! We are done with it though! And our bodies are feeling every square foot!!
But man is it gorgeous, we are so happy with it!

So out move in date has officially been moved up to THIS WEEKEND!!! We will do the baseboards this week and finish some odds and ends and we are ready to move in (we are not finished with the house, but it's move in ready)!! I will spend most of my time at the apartment this week packing and we will have another busy weekend ahead of us MOVING INTO OUR NEW HOME!!!

This is with 2 layers of underlayment to form a vapor barrier.

Living Room


Den to Office


Our kitchen is finished except for counter-tops... which won't be in until the 31st. So Biff made us a make-shift counter for the sink until they come in.

The finished hallway! Paint (check), Trim (check), new cabinet hardware (check), lighting (check), carpet (check)
We love being FINISHED with things!!

Bryce's closet! No more sink & no more crazy daisy wallpaper!! He is a lot happier now!

And Bryce did get to play in the snow yesterday too!! He loves the big yard!!

He didn't want to come inside... but he was SOAKING wet!! Notice the HUGE snow ball in the background, he was so proud of himself!

If this is your first time to visit our blog please take a look at the "Welcome to our home" tab to see the before pictures. The transformation has been amazing to us! Thanks for visiting!!!

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  1. Awww... it looks SO good! I've got to come see. Let me know if you need some help this weekend.

  2. LOVE IT!!! You have done so... good!!! Im amazed!! Love the blog & I like how you added this song!!!

  3. Heather - Yes you do need to come by!! Just call me we are pretty much always there but I will be at the apartment quite a bit this week packing.

    Stephenie - Thank you! I knew you would love the song! You gave me the idea to add it and didn't even know it!! :)

  4. I love it! I am so happy for you, you deserve it! You may know this already but you can't put alot of water on that floor! It looks really good though!!

    PS: I don't know who did your carpet but they rocked it! HA!