Tuesday, January 25, 2011

End of week #8 Continued...

Here are the step by step pictures of my second chair.

I completely sanded the chair down with a palm sander. I used a very fine sand paper because I wasn't sure if I wanted to paint it or leave some of its original character.

After sanding it there was just still too much green left and it lots of places the (from wear) the paint was completely gone.

So it got a fresh coat of paint. I chose white for this chair to bring it back to it's original color, I think it looks great!

For the seat I got a sheet of newspaper and laid it down on top of the chair to trace the seat design. I then cut out the design and taped it to my plywood and traced it on. I used a jigsaw to cut out a new seat, cut a peice of foam (that I bought at hobby lobby) and then wrapped the seat with fabric and using a staple gun I stapled the fabric (tight) around the new seat.


I moved it around several times before I got them where I wanted them.
This table and my coffee table were given to me years ago by Mrs. Price. They started looking pretty rough so I sanded them down and painted them and gave them new life. They look like completely different tables now, it's amazing what a simple coat of paint will do.

Here are just a few random pictures that I had in my camera of the house. I thought I took better ones than this... but I didn't.

I love old furniture... especially if it belonged to someone I love. This piece was my Granny EI's (my Poppy's mom) entertainment center and it was built by my Uncle Marcus (Poppy's brother). They are both passed now and I am honored to have it in my house.

New entertainment center that my Granny and Poppy gave us. We love it! Thank you!!!

We bought this clock at Hobby Lobby this weekend with some Christmas gift cards! So thank you again Mom & Jared and Heather!! :)

My neighbor Jamie Dickerson made us this cross for a housewarming gift! She is so talented!!! Thank you Jamie!! :)

This weekend I plan to take better pictures!

Monday, January 24, 2011

End of week #8!

We got a lot done this week... lots of decorating!!! I'm having so much fun decorating the space and finding places for all the awesome furniture that our familes are giving us! I have taken pictures of everything but left my camera at home this morning! I will post them this evening.

I have taken on a couple of small projects this weekend by restoring a couple of old chairs that I bought at Bygones in Downtown Ennis. Sharon Fisher runs Bygones and she has so many treasures in there, I had a really hard time leaving with just two chairs! She was very sweet and I will definetly be going back soon!

When I bought this one it was just a wooden chair with a brown, orange, and green burlap seat. I forgot to take a picture before I started working on it.

This chair was at one point white... but when I bought it, it was sort of brownish green (from probably sitting outside) with a brown velvet torn and worn seat. I sanded it down completely, had to cut a new seat out of plywood (I did this with a jigsaw by myself!!!), then padded and wrapped the seat, painted the chair and put it all together! I love it!! I will post the before pictures this evening, it was a big transformation. The fabric that I used for the seat is just a $20 shower curtain that I bought at Target. Biff and I also made the headboard below... All with 1 shower curtain! What a bargain!!

This photo is of our previous apartment.

(more photos of the house will be posted this evening)

Thanks for visiting!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

End of Week #7 - Countertops!

We have countertops!!!

Our countertops and backsplash.
 (We have one more piece of backsplash to add before it's complete.)

The bar!

We love living in our new home. I am so excited to get to decorate it! I feel like the whole place is very empty right now! It's just a big blank canvas!!

The house has come together better than we ever imagined!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mid-week update!!

This week I have been at work all week and Biff has been working really hard to get the house ready for us! He finished the baseboards and we are so happy with them so I had to share. 
(It's a cell phone picture, but you get the general idea) 

Monday, January 10, 2011

What a week!! Week #6 Update!!!

We worked our tails off this weekend! Biff and I laid floor for about 24 hours this weekend!! We are done with it though! And our bodies are feeling every square foot!!
But man is it gorgeous, we are so happy with it!

So out move in date has officially been moved up to THIS WEEKEND!!! We will do the baseboards this week and finish some odds and ends and we are ready to move in (we are not finished with the house, but it's move in ready)!! I will spend most of my time at the apartment this week packing and we will have another busy weekend ahead of us MOVING INTO OUR NEW HOME!!!

This is with 2 layers of underlayment to form a vapor barrier.

Living Room


Den to Office


Our kitchen is finished except for counter-tops... which won't be in until the 31st. So Biff made us a make-shift counter for the sink until they come in.

The finished hallway! Paint (check), Trim (check), new cabinet hardware (check), lighting (check), carpet (check)
We love being FINISHED with things!!

Bryce's closet! No more sink & no more crazy daisy wallpaper!! He is a lot happier now!

And Bryce did get to play in the snow yesterday too!! He loves the big yard!!

He didn't want to come inside... but he was SOAKING wet!! Notice the HUGE snow ball in the background, he was so proud of himself!

If this is your first time to visit our blog please take a look at the "Welcome to our home" tab to see the before pictures. The transformation has been amazing to us! Thanks for visiting!!!

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Monday, January 3, 2011

End of week #5!

We had a lot of help this weekend with the painting. We really appreciate everyone who helped! THANK YOU!!! We almost got the entire house painted one day. I still have one room that I haven't touched but otherwise all that is left is trimming out the office and master bedroom. Biff and I worked for 14 hours on New Years day and at least 12 hours every other day this weekend. It's really coming along and it's a lot of fun putting the house back together. We order our countertops and they will be coming in, in a couple of weeks and we will be starting on the floors soon too.

Biff and I got the kitchen cabinets set!! We have a kitchen!! YAY!!!  

This is to kind of give you an idea of the paint color. It's called Amazing Gray.  

Bryce had an accident and his finger got slammed in the door. It was really bad! He will recover though, I think I cried just as much as he did!  

Biff got the shower and tub surround tiled this weekend too! It looks great!!