Amanda's DIY and Crafts!!!

Amanda's DIY projects

A couple new things!
(I can't believe it's almost been a year! I'm so behind!!!)

Wine bottle wall vase. This was a little more expensive to make then I had hoped but I LOVED the way that they turned out.
Available for purchase in my Etsy shop. 

I am in the middle of making 10 - 20 chalkboards right now. 
I will be posting them all for sale in my Etsy shop.
 The prices will range depending on the frame and the size of the chalkboard! 

If you would like a certain color or size please let me know! I would love to custom make one just for you! 


Yard sale Finds 10/16/11

I found lots of little goodies this week!! 

A foot stool for Bryce's bathroom! 

Towel holder for the kitchen

Anywhere chairs!!! (I have a chair fetish... I can not leave a good chair behind!) 

Cardboard "T" (for Tyner) I actually bought this at JoAnn's Fabric. 

A plastic mail slot that Biff brought home. 

A couple of cute candle holders.

A very basic wooden picture frame for a print I bought last week.

A larger more ornate picture frame for my frame wall!!


I painted this to match Bryce's bathroom walls! 

I Mod Podged scrap book paper that I chose onto this cardboard T! I think it turned out so CUTE!

I'm SO PROUD of this one! I covered an ugly plastic file holder and made this adorable mail slot! 

This is something I was just playing around with... I turned an old ugly painting t-shirt into this cute scarf! 

This is for Bryce's room! My mom read this book to me so many times that she said I had is memorized! Now Bryce likes it too!

This is my empty frame wall! I am pretty happy with it. I'm not done with it though... I feel like it is missing something. I will know what it is when I find it!! :) 

I bought this plate rack last weekend and it had some weird birds on the top that I didn't love... So I covered them with rosettes and I'm very happy with it! But instead of plates I used it this way! (My pictures weren't ready at Walgreens so the frame is empty) 

This is the first item that I am selling!! 
You can find it here in my Etsy Shop!

My little sister Lynsie is just as crafty as I am! She loves creating things and she also sews and embroiders! I am going to share my Etsy shop with her and I will also be sharing some of her creations here on my blog!  

Well that's it for this week, for now anyway! Hope you enjoyed! I had a blast being crafty this weekend! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

One for the week... 

Biff accidently broke one of the wine glasses that my mom gave me. These are the wine glasses from when my mom and my dad got married! So I had to do something with it!!

I decided to make a dessert stand! I think it turned out adorable!

I also found this candle stick at a yard sale so I made a larger one to match! 

 I just love them!!!

A little off topic

So this has NOTHING to do with crafts or DIY but... I tried heatless curls on Wednesday night and I was so stoked about the results! I just have to share!!! 

I watched this video: 

These are cell phone pictures so I apologize ahead of time for the blur... 

 after waking up...

after removing the headband...

(please keep in mind that I just woke up!!!)

It took about 5 minutes to wrap my hair the night before. Bryce and Biff thought it looked so funny the night before... but then I pulled the headband out the next morning took about 2 min seperating the curls, added a clip and it was beautiful! And the curls lasted ALL DAY LONG! My hair does not hold curl, at all, ever... SO this is HUGE for me! I will be doing this a lot more now. I'm also going to try a few other heatless curl methods too. I'll let you know how they work out!!! 


Finishing what I started! 

This is just something I decided to do at the last minute last night. I had this beer sign and it had a great frame, but the actual sign said something about the holidays and was seasonal so it wasn't my favorite. 

I spray painted the entire picture, frame and all black. I used gloss because that's what I had. 

Then I sprayed only the very edge red all the way around. I did this just to add a little color because when it was all black the pretty frame kind of disappeared. 

I Mod Podged on the print out that I had. 

I saw this print out here (which is one of my favorite blogs) one day and fell in love with it. I have had it printed out at home just waiting to do something with it! I think this worked out awesome! 

I also made a chalkboard!
I'm so excited about this one! 
I picked this up at a yard sale for $3!

I primed the entire thing, glass and all. Then I painted the frame gloss white, and the glass with chalkboard paint. 

When I was done with it I just didn't think the detail of the frame stood out enough. I antiqued the detail with Valspar Glaze and now I just love it!!! 

I'm getting all of these frames and pictures ready to decorate our office! Just a few more to do and then I'm ready to start hanging them! 

Thanks for stopping by!! 


Yard sale finds! 10/01/11

Every Saturday I go to all the yard sales in town. This Sat I got so many great things! I got this wooden tray, I had no need for it but it was great and it was $2! 

I primed and painted it and Mod Podged  it with pretty paper that I got in a scrapbook kit from Wal-Mart! It turned out great and I had a lot of fun with it! 
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My favorite part!! 

I also got this cabinet to go over the toilet in the guest bathroom! This was a GREAT find for me because we budgeted $50 on this cabinet and I found it for $5!!! 

I sanded, primed, sanded, painted, sanded, painted.... But I finally got the smooth look I was going for and the cabinet looks great! Hopefully we can get it up today and I will post a finished picture of the bathroom!!

These are the other items that I got. The skateboard is for shelves in Bryce's bedroom. This is the only one I have so far I would like at least 3, but 5 would be better! I want used boards with dirty wheels and would love to have a couple with stickers on them for extra character! If you have one laying around that you don't want please let me know! I don't mind paying up to $5 each for them! As far as the other items, I haven't decided their fate yet but I will definitely post pictures when I figure it out. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!


Mirror update - 
New Paint = New life for this $2 yard sale mirror

After I painted it red I liked it but it just didn't pop... and the cool detail kinda faded away. So thanks to my helpful boyfriends ideas I added some antiquing glaze. 

Now it looks really cool! I'll be finding it a new home on one of our walls this evening! 

I got this old window frame from my neighbor and I absolutely fell in love with it!! It had some paint just falling of it so I lightly dusted it off with a towel and then spray painted it with a clear coat satin paint. It's perfect! 

 I got the "Keep Calm and Carry On" sign HERE on Etsy! 

My next project (which I'm super excited about) will be turning this picture into a chalkboard!!!

I paid $3 for it at a yard sale last weekend! I was so excited about this AWESOME frame! What a great find! 

I will post pictures as soon as I'm done! 



I picked up this old end table at a yard sale for $2! What a steal! I couldn't wait to give it a new life as something really adorable! It was a little more work than I anticipated, but I think it turned out really cute. Audrey (my youngest little sister) is going to put it her bedroom!  

I had some really cute leopard wrapping paper that I Mod Podged to the front of the drawers. 

Don't ever hold something and push a putty knife forcefully in the direction of your hand... I cut myself pretty bad. Lesson learned! 

I ended up removing the small top drawer. It was in too bad of shape for me to repair. 

I used our brad nailer and added some nails to make the structure better... it was kind of wobbly. But now it stands strong! 

Tada! Audrey requested for me to add zebra to the top so I will do that and then it will go to it's new home! 

This is my first drawer repurpose!
 (I took a dresser apart to make a buffet and had 6 extra drawers. 
I will post pictures of the buffet when I finish. ) 

 SO SIMPLE! I removed the hardware, painted the drawer inside and out with high gloss black and Mod Podged the inside with wrapping paper! 
I'm going to hang this in ou laundry room to hold the detergent and stuff! 

Thanks for visiting! Will post again soon!!

The guest bathroom is ALMOST finished and I have some other things to share too! 
See ya soon!