Monday, December 6, 2010

After Week #1

Entry Way
Before and Now of the Entry way. We pulled up all the flooring, sanded the walls, and scraped all
the popcorn ceilings.

Living Room
After extending the dining room floor.

Dining Room

Laudry Room.

Master Bathroom
(all we have done so far is clear it out).

 Master Bedroom
I didn't have any pictures on my previous post so here ya go.

The picture below the Master bedroom (standing in the same place from the sink above I just turned around). It was way too big so we made the tiny bathroom bigger and the bedroom small as you will see below.

 This is with the addition of the new master bathroom and closet.
Here are a couple of rooms that you haven't seen yet.

Bryce's bedroom
Not much has to be done in here. Just some minor wall repair.

The back bedroom
 - We will use this as a guest bedroom and playroom for Bryce.
We are going to paint the walls and put in new carpet.

The Bonus Room
Detached from the house, this is part of the garage.

Just some random pictures.

 There were several layers of floor in each room.

 Lookin all kinds of cute in my safety goggles! HAHA

 The neighbors kitten that Bryce loves!!

 Me scraping the popcorn ceilings.

Biff and Jeff building the master bath.

Biff with his dad.

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