Thursday, December 2, 2010

Welcome to our home!

This is when you walk in front door this is the entry room to the right.

Keep walking and you are now in the lving room. Tons of paneling and built ins... yuck!! We tore all of it out yesterday. Biff did most of it and Josh came and helped in the evening.

 Above is what will be our office. Notice the lovely chair rail on one wall and the interesting (to say the least) paint job.

This is our kitchen. Biff has already completely gutted it and we are starting all over. It was hard to part with those baby blue counter tops, but it had to be done! hahah!

The dining room.

 Laundry room.

 This is our sunroom which comes directly off the back of the living room. It needs a major makeover and new windows.

 This beautiful room is the master bathroom. Take a good look because it too will soon be completely gutted! It has to be the ugliest bathroom I have ever seen!!

 This is Bryce's closet... Yes that's a sink... in the closet... (We are removing it, don't worry).

 The view down the hallway from the living room.

The guest (or Bryce's) bathroom. Will also get a complete makeover!


  1. OMG u guys took A HUGE project! i would have taken one look and walked out! but ur progress is making it looking great!!! : ) - KIMBER

  2. Thank you! It's been a lot of work... and believe me the first time we walked in we both questioned whether we were in over our heads or not. But now we are very happy that we took on the exhausting project and we have an amazing home!! :)

  3. Wow! What a transformation on your bathroom! Can't wait to see the projects unfold. You and your husband are amazingly talented!