Monday, January 24, 2011

End of week #8!

We got a lot done this week... lots of decorating!!! I'm having so much fun decorating the space and finding places for all the awesome furniture that our familes are giving us! I have taken pictures of everything but left my camera at home this morning! I will post them this evening.

I have taken on a couple of small projects this weekend by restoring a couple of old chairs that I bought at Bygones in Downtown Ennis. Sharon Fisher runs Bygones and she has so many treasures in there, I had a really hard time leaving with just two chairs! She was very sweet and I will definetly be going back soon!

When I bought this one it was just a wooden chair with a brown, orange, and green burlap seat. I forgot to take a picture before I started working on it.

This chair was at one point white... but when I bought it, it was sort of brownish green (from probably sitting outside) with a brown velvet torn and worn seat. I sanded it down completely, had to cut a new seat out of plywood (I did this with a jigsaw by myself!!!), then padded and wrapped the seat, painted the chair and put it all together! I love it!! I will post the before pictures this evening, it was a big transformation. The fabric that I used for the seat is just a $20 shower curtain that I bought at Target. Biff and I also made the headboard below... All with 1 shower curtain! What a bargain!!

This photo is of our previous apartment.

(more photos of the house will be posted this evening)

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  1. Where is Bygones? You probably just got me into some trouble. ha! :)


  2. Bygones is a little antique shop thats 2 doors down from the donut shop downtown. She always has old chairs sitting out front.