Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And we are back at it...

Lately we have been working outside. It was way too pretty to be inside... We started the deck around the end of April (beginning of May) it was a lot nicer outside than it is now. We had an ugly concrete patio out back that we completely covered with a deck... We love it!! 

(This is what the back porch looked like when we moved in.) 

(First thing we did was knock down the fireplace and that horrible fence fell down on it's own.)

After we stained 

After the deck was finished it was around 100 degrees outside everyday and we really never wanted to sit outside and enjoy it.... so this past weekend we built a huge pergola over 1/2 of the deck... we added misters and wow is it nice out there now!!! 

These last few pictures are ones that I took last night... it was dark but you can get the general idea. We stained the entire thing before we built it and then put up a fence. It worked out great... I stained the stuff and Biff built it... I truly hope I never have to stain anything else EVER for the rest of my life! haha 

I will take some pictures after work today in the day light and post them tomorrow!!! 

Well... now that the beck deck, pergola and fence are finished I went ahead and went inside and started the next project. We are finally getting to redo Bryce's bathroom. Biff and I got the toilet and sink out last night and started after the walls with sledge hammers... it's a lot of work but it's going to be so much nicer when we are finished. Here are a few pictures of where we are so far. 

This is before:

And now:

I will be knocking out tile and concrete everyday after work until I am done... I will post pictures of the bathroom as we go. Thanks for visiting!!! :) 

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