Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An overdue update!! Landscaping!

For the past few weekends we have been very busy painting, trimming trees, getting rid of
ugly and dead plants, and making new flower beds.

Here are the before pictures.  

We hated the big bushes in front and the trees were out of control.
Notice the new paint! It looks so much better!  

I came home from work one and day and these pretty daffodils were bloomed! It was such a nice surprise... I thought it was just monkey grass or something!

Getting rid of the huge over-grown holly bushes! This was a great day!!!

Biff hooked a chain to them and hooked it to the truck and drove them right out of the yard!

This tiller took Biff for a ride... it was huge and very heavy! But it did the job and we really appreciated our neighbors letting us use it. The roots from the bushes and surrounding trees were so thick we would have never gotten anything planted in there.

Now after lots of hard work we have this!!!

Our first garnden gnome... isn't he cute!!

Sago Palms in Red wood planters


Lillies (my favorite)

Just trimming the trees alone made a HUGE difference!!

Biff surrounded the flower beds with yard timbers that he cut and burried in the ground. We are going to eventually stain them but not until they really need it.

We have been shopping around for a new front door, but nothing has really caught our eye yet.


Below is our new view from our front porch! We spend  a lot of time out here... it's so nice!! :)



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