Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas (Week 4)

We didn't get much done on the house this week (but we were there every chance we got). Between my family, Biff's family and our friends we had 8 Christmas celebrations to attend. So even though we weren't working on the house the whole time we were still very very busy! Biff and I enjoyed our first Christmas together and Bryce said this was the best Christmas EVER! Here is a little peek...
Santa was very good to us this year!!

He hid this from Bryce because it's exactly what Bryce asked for....

He was so surprised and happy when he found it!!

Biff was still sleepy... we got a pretty early start. :)

Biff got me the perfume I wanted! He did good! :)

Us at my dads.

Me and Bryce with my brother and 2 of my sisters.

Bryce playin his DSi.

Lilly and Landon (Biff's Niece and Nephew) are little entainers!! We had fun just watching them play with their toys!
They are SO CUTE!!  

We already got back to work yesterday. Biff started tiling the shower and I put the final coat of paint on the kitchen cabinets. This week the texture will be on the walls and we will begin painting, plumbing will get finished, tile will get started (and hopefully finished), and whatever else we can fit in before Sunday evening. I will post more pictures next week!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

End of week #3!

Lot's of changes this week!!

These are the house in stages.

Before we started.
Paneling down and carpet pulled up.

Sheetrock started

Sheetrock finished and they have started mudding the walls getting them ready for texture!!
(Notice that they covered those ugly beams!! I love it)


Now for one of the biggest changes.

The master bathroom!!!

Tada!!! :) It looks amazing!! Biff is incredible and he is a pretty good teacher too! 

It's a perfect fit!



Bryce's closet

Sink removed... as promised. Next step is to cover that wonderful wallpaper. :)

Also this week I have gotten all my gifts wrapped and our tree looks great. We are rarely there to enjoy it or have anyone else over to enjoy it so I am posting it here. I love it and hate when it's time to take it down!!

I hope that everyone has a
Very Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Midweek update! (I couldn't wait!!)

Before and now of the living room and dining room!!

It's only sheetrock but it made such a huge difference!
We should have clean textured ready to paint walls by the Monday after Christmas!! :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Week #2

This week we did a lot of running around to get appliances and things that we needed. After several trips to Dallas we now have a bathtub, master bathroom vanity, kitchen sink and all of our kitchen appliances.

We also did lighting this week! (by "we" I mean Biff) :)
This whole house was so dark!

And our master bathroom is starting to look like a bathroom!!
Our bathtub is HUGE! I love it!! The shower is also going to be nice and big!


I did some painting this week too. I have put a coating of primer in the hallway and started the back bedroom.

We should have walls by the end of the week!! We are really looking forward to that!!
Check back in next week for another update!
Thanks for visiting!! :)