Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finished the guest bathroom!

We finished the bathroom... I use the term "we" very lightly... Biff did pretty much all of it except for some demo, painting and wall paper. 

I'm so lucky to have him!!! 

During the transformation

This is how thick the concrete was was that we were busting out. 

We decided on bead board walls... Which I just LOVE!!! 

This was the shower, we got rid of the hallway cabinets so that we could extend the shower and make it 1' wider. It was really awkward before being a 2'x3' shower, 3'x3' is so much better! 

And NOW!!!!!

The beautiful shower!! Biff tiles like a professional now! He did such an amazing job! 
He tiled the doorway in Peacock slate (same tile we will be putting on the sun room floor) to give the bathroom a more masculine feel. I wanted it to be pretty but still masculine since it is Bryce's bathroom. 

I love the way the slate looks with the green walls! 

We chose textured wallpaper for the top part of the wall. This turned out really cool! It adds a little pop in a small area that we can't do much decorating in! Plus Biff trimmed the window out all fancy! I think it's perfect!! Exactly what I pictured it being like! (Actually it's better)  

We decided on a small toilet and small pedestal sink so it would give the bathroom a little bit of extra room. 

We are so happy with it and SO glad to be DONE with it. This small room was a lot of work! BUT SO WORTH IT! 

A special thanks to my neighbor Jamie for helping me put up the wallpaper!!! 

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. i love before and after pics ... and love that tile on the shower floor ... amazing work :)

  2. nice to find you over at Casey's ... renovating!!! - you are so brave :)

  3. It definitely does take some bravery! :) Thank you for stopping by!!!