Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We really love our new home! I think it finally feels
 like home to us now too! It kind of felt like we were staying in a really nice vacation home at first! :)
(Biff bought me an orchid! I love it!!!)

We are starting to plan our next project. We will be starting the guest bathroom in the next few weeks.
We have to completely demo what is there. There is a very small tile shower and tile (with 2 inches of concrete behind it) all the way around the walls of the bathroom. Just getting rid of the tile is a huge project in itself. After that is done we are going to put in a new shower, put up new walls (either painted paneling or bead board), tile the floor, replace the current vanity with a pedestal sink and replace the toilet. We are ready to have it done and I will start posting pictures as we work.

Here is a before picture:

Keep checking back

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